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Giới thiệu hệ thống làm mát

Cooling principles:   Hot air sucted and led through a heat exchanging pad where water absorb heat to evaporate and cool the air. A blower will direct cool filtered air to work space via air duct system.

Open Space Cooling (Evap) is an innovative concept to cool industrial workspace bringing down the workspace temperature to an optimum comfort level for better productivity and staff morale. It takes advantage of the latent atmospheric energy by evaporating a portion of water into the surrounding air, thereby creating cool air. This cool air is created at an operating cost of only 10% when compared to that of air-conditioning.

The temperature in an industrial workspace when the outside air temperature is say 32°C can result inan inside temperature of 35°C due to the almost enclosed environment with little air movement and the heat radiated from the roof. If heat is generated from the work process, the condition can be much worst.

Under these conditions, Open Space Cooling (Evap) is the logical solution. Open Space Cooling system (Evap) continuously brings in large volume of cool and filtered air from outside and pushes out all the hot and contaminated air from the inside.